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  document.getElementById('logo').onclick = function(event) {
    mixer.socket.call('giveInput', {
      controlID: 'logo',
      event: 'click',
      sparks: 100,
      button: event.button,
      someOtherObject: {
        full: 'of exciting data!',
Nex Angelus
I need a little help.
How to i execute chat commands with the bot?
Like /clear.
Duane Kord
Hi all - trying to get clarity around the hosts section after I have my clientId - Easily understandable if I was redirecting back to a website - but how do I add a deeplink here? I am developing on android and need to deep link back to my activity. Whenever I try to add a host like - com.exampleapp.mixer://oauth2redirect it says that "0" needs to be a wildcard. ANy help would be greatly appreciated.
Am I missing something? The /channels endpoint isn't returning thumbnail data, is there a way to get it to do so?
It's always null.
@duanekord I haven't tried with a deeplink, but I've got that error before. Try to remove the
*Try to remove the deep link path, it's just looking for a host. So try "com.exampleapp.mixer"
("0" is just the index of the comma separated lists of hosts)
hi i use chat bot and i need to select people who donate 50 embers , IF 50 embers do this ? How exactly i can catch it from json ?
Hi, i would like to use a chatbot to send mp to a user using a given command, is it possible ?
Hey catching up with this from after the holidays here we go!
@nexangelus most slash commands such as /clear are actually either method calls or API calls, we turn them into slashes to make them easier for users to perform. For clear check: https://dev.mixer.com/reference/chat/methods and in particular: https://dev.mixer.com/reference/chat/methods/clearmessages
@duanekord Unfourtunately we currently only support http/https hosts in clients, this is known limitation that im trying to track down. Steven's advice may work too.

@NetWalkerGit Hey Net, effect embers can be picked up from the "SkillAttribution" message on chat, stickers you can pickup from the ChatMessage that contains the sticker. You can also look at the channel:id:skill for anything other than a sticker. Here's SkillAttribution https://dev.mixer.com/reference/chat/events/skillattribution and here's the sticker message: https://dev.mixer.com/reference/chat/events/chatmessage#skill

In both cases look for "cost": x,
"currency": "Embers"

@Hagenheilm Im not sure what mp refers to can you clarify?
Nicolaas Nel
Hey guys is anyone available to help me quick?
Struggling to get the mixer client-node to work with typescript
@ProbablePrime sorry mp is the french version of pm for private message
but i'v got my answer for my last question, but i'v got a new one, what's the cleanest way to close the socket connexion from "new Mixer.Socket(ws, endpoints).boot();"
Anybody able to get refresh tokens working?
nvm, I got it
anyone know why mixer login sucks ? Can anyone link me to a page describing how microsoft has different accounts and how they're linked together in terms of using mixer?
can login to my account and view streams/chat.. cant login to my broadcaster page.. cause apparently thats a seperate login
First of all hi everyone!
Quick question what is the difference between artifacts
is the second one designed for the constellation and that's all ?
Quick question. Since they recently killed off Mixer for Unity, although I still have access to the current SDK via github... the sample instructions want you to install the Mixer SDK via Unity Asset store. Which I can't because it's deprecated. Any other way to get this? (have no Mixer Menu in Unity)
Hey guys Im trying to make a rest api call to get a list of the top live streams by current viewers. I'm pretty sure its this https://mixer.com/api/v1/channels endpoint right? How do i specify sorting arguments tho?
@michaelloo35 interactive java is just for MixPlay
@sinfuljosh You could download the source and build the plugin yourself
@xmxstudio Please file support tickets when you come across issues our support team can help
Daniel Peters
Has anyone seen issues with the broadcast endpoint taking too long to load?
For instance, sending https://mixer.com/api/v1/channels/34966758/broadcast might take 15-20 seconds, when it normally responds almost instantly. As far as I can tell from the documentation this endpoint isn’t rate limited and I am not hitting it at very high TPS. Any ideas?
Daniel Peters
Interestingly, it only seems to be affecting 18+ streams...
@ProbablePrime Another question this time about oauth.
I have tried to integrate my cognito user pool with mixer but then I noticed that mixer does not support OpenID Connect(openid scope) which is required.
Any plans for that?
When using oAuth I can get the access token, now I want to know how to use it with this endpoint https://mixer.com/api/v1/oauth/token
My end goal is just to get the users details
Nevermind i just realised I can call the API endpoints with the access token :)
does anyone have a mixer cdk example for linux / nodejs devs?
does anyone feel like mixer dev is unlike ANY other development system ever? Like the worst set of tutorials/technical writing/links (the fucking worst links of anything ive seen, TONS of circular references and dead fucking links)
I feel like they need to hire a team to go through and delete all outdated information, update all links, cull errornous/deprecated documentation, and make the entire thing much more simple.

@xmxstudio I have not tried CDK development on Linux, but it works on a Mac. I imagine the workflow is the same. Go clone the CDK from here and do npm install and npm start to run in debug mode, wait a bit for it to open and then open a project like you normally would. On a Mac you can also build and bundle it with npm run build:editor:dist:mac (though it will be unsigned and not run without messing with security settings), but on Linux, you'll need to figure out how to make electron-builder build the appropriate package format for your distribution.

The developer documentation (excluding the REST reference) is on GitHub here (old) and here, spam them with pull requests until they get annoyed.


@ProbablePrime I know, both of these aren't documented (anymore?), but I have a some OAuth scopes that the web frontend doesn't handle properly:

  • team:administer (Administrate teams the user has rights in) -> No longer exists/replaced by team:manage:self (Create, join, leave teams and set the users primary team)? This causes a non-descriptive server_error from the OAuth flow, because the rest service returns a HTTP 400 with an empty response and no other information in the headers. The frontend will display a "invalid permission scope" message at the bottom, but it redirects so fast most users won't notice or be able to read it. When using shortcode flow a message with "Unknown internal error occurred" pops up at the bottom, whenever you hit Approve, and you can press it as often as you want as you will stay stuck on the page.
  • interactive:play (Allows participating in interactive games) -> Still only works with shortcode flow, the frontend will reject it otherwise as an invalid scope. This seems... an unusual and unnecessary restriction.

Can you fix this? :kissing:

Where did https://github.com/mixer/emoticons disappear off to? This used to be a public repository...
Just Ape
Hi guys, anyone know how i can get the channel thumbnail. The one you see before you click on a live stream. I know i can get it from here: https://thumbs.mixer.com/channel/{ID}.small.jpg, but i was wondering if the api has a call for this or if i have to use this link for retrieving the channel thumbnail.
hey everyone.
I'm here to contribute to development.
librehash Okay, calm down fella. There are documents all over the place that tell you how to do things like that.
librehash We've been in this community for ages. So you can't just come in here thinking you're going to make a bunch of sweeping changes at once.