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Wheeler Games
classpath group: 'com.mobidevelop.robovm', name: 'robovm-gradle-plugin', version: project.roboVMGradleVersion
is the other bit I have (I may be misunderstanding)
well, that is weird. I tried it now and it worked. I'm absolutely I sure I had tried that before. maybe I misspelled SNAPSHOT, who knows ... thanks anyway !
is there anything else I must setup for altpods Firebase Crashlytics to work ? In firebase console it says installation is successful (meaning I started the app with crashlytics and it pinged firebase) but when my app crashes nothing is reported
Wheeler Games
you have to upload the dYMS or dYNS file (can't remember what it's called, but look through here, there's talk of it up there ^^)
hm ok I thought that was only to see the actual stack traces, but crashes would be reported nevertheless. I'll try that, thanks.
Demyan Kimitsa
it kind of not being reported instantly even if debug mode is activated
Wheeler Games
Trying to generate bindings for FirebaseAuth
I think I've done all the classes and protocols and I'm left with the values in the FIXME
I'm trying to follow the original tutorial but am stuck as to how you came up with your code...
you've gone from this in FIXME...
@GlobalValue(symbol="kGADSimulatorID", optional=true)
public static native NSObject Value__GADSimulatorID();
@GlobalValue(symbol="GADNativeCustomTemplateAdMediaViewKey", optional=true)
public static native String Value__GADNativeCustomTemplateAdMediaViewKey();
@GlobalValue(symbol="GADCustomEventParametersServer", optional=true)
public static native String Value__GADCustomEventParametersServer();
to this in .yaml
        class: GADRequest
        name: getSimulatorID

        class: GADNativeCustomTemplateAd
        name: getCustomTemplateAdMediaViewKey

        class: GADCustomEventParameters
        name: '#{g[0]}'
I'm assuming that the name is anything I want, that's fine
and I can understand that the first bit of each block relates to the symbol
but where does the class name come from?
or have you gone through the .h files or your generated java files to work it out?
Wheeler Games
@Tom-Ski & @dkimitsa - you're the robovm devs these days, can I use SCNetworkReachability to find out if my device has an internet connection?
there are 3 constructors
    public SCNetworkReachability( address) { /* compiled code */ }
    public SCNetworkReachability( localAddress, remoteAddress) { /* compiled code */ }
    public SCNetworkReachability(java.lang.String nodename) { /* compiled code */ }
I don't know what a nodename might mean/need, but I don't really want to have to give an InetSocketAddress I just want to know a yes or no if it has it. I assume this can be done, as it can on Android.
Some googling talks about using Apples Reachability class, which lead me to SCNetworkReachability, which sounds like it might be the right thing
I tried creating using an empty string as a nodename, and then checking getFlags() but that gave back SCNetworkReachabilityFlags(0x0 = None(0x0)) which isn't totally unexpected as I gave it a nodename of ""
Wheeler Games
one final question before I wrap up tonight (I've been very quiet recently, I've been storing them all up!)
I have this method in the .h file
@property(nonatomic, readonly, nonnull) NSArray<id<FIRUserInfo>> *providerData;
which bro-gen converted into this
@Property(selector = "providerData")
    public native NSArray<?> getProviderData();
it made FIRUserInfo into an interface (is that the equivalent of a protocol?)
Interfaces extend NSObjectProtocol but NSArray needs NSObject
what can I do about this?
maybe change NSArray to something that takes NSObjectProtocol??
is there such a thing?
Wheeler Games
I just tried using
@Property(selector = "providerData") public native @org.robovm.rt.bro.annotation.Marshaler(NSArray.AsListMarshaler.class) List<FIRUserInfo> getProviderData(); taken from a 2yr old chat between Tomski and dkimitsa...didn't work
but it looks like @Tom-Ski might already have FirebaseAuth working, so maybe I'll just ask him nicely to share his bindings with me
ok giving up, time for a movie and bed :D
Demyan Kimitsa
ok, this question was around twice this week, check #482 for example.
dropped few lines in tutorial
also pushed alt-pods with firebase dynamic links and auth @ 1.7.1-SNAPSHOT. Not tested at all — sources in dev-1.7.1 branch. Please raise an issue if any. Thx
Wheeler Games
oh man, thanks so much for making them for me! I'll have a look and pull and check everything works
(I'll also check the diff between yours and mine to see where I went wrong)
Wheeler Games
@dkimitsa - sorry to ask, but I can't see authentication in the alt-pods?
I tried pulling api "io.github.dkimitsa.robovm:robopods-firebase-authentication-ios:$altpodsVersion"
but it doesn't exist. when i looked at there's nothing there about authentication
however, the 1.7.1-SNAPSHOT is found by gradle, so it's definitely up there...somewhere :D
aha! firebase-auth ! found it!!
I implemented Firebase dynamic links. This robopod works well.
@dkimitsa can you please give us a quick update on the status of .xcframework support? I'm considering if it's worth waiting a bit more for the feature or upgrade now 3rd party SDKs and lose simulator support (which I use mostly for testing on devices and OS I don't own).
Demyan Kimitsa
@obigu hey,
posponded for a while, playing with packaging dependant watch os altogether with robovm app.
there will be a solution that can be used for xcframework.
will publish today/tomorrow
thanks man