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    Molly Vaynerchuck

    How to get free karaoke songs (5 different ways)

    Karaoke songs can be very expensive, especially if you use a classic CD-G disc, but in this article I will cover 5 different ways that you can get free karaoke apps.
    Remember that these methods are for personal use only, not for public use.

    1. Use of YouTube

    The easiest way to get karaoke songs for free is to use YouTube. There are thousands of high quality karaoke tracks with supporting instrumental and lyrics videos. All you have to do is connect some microphones to your smart device or karaoke machine and start singing.

    Popular channels with quality karaoke tracks include:

    Sing King: More than 2750 videos
    Karafan Karaoke: More than 7500 videos
    CC Karaoke: Over 3000 videos
    Easykaraoke: over 3500 videos
    Track Planet Karaoke: Over 1800 videos

    Easily accessible without downloading anything
    Extensive song library

    Ads between each song
    Incompatible quality between videos
    Here's my complete guide to karaoke with YouTube, including the tools you need for best results and how to put them all together.

    1. Use the free karaoke application
      Karaoke apps are becoming increasingly popular due to their vast library of high quality songs. Karaoke apps are available for Apple and Android devices in the App Store and Google Play Store, respectively. All you have to do is connect your microphone to your smart device and speaker to get started.

    Here are some of the most popular karaoke apps available for both Apple and Android devices. Note that these apps come with a monthly cost, but they have either a free trial or a completely free option that allows you to continue using them to access free songs. .

    Karaoke app free trial or option full version (monthly) free trial or option number of songs
    Smule 1-Week Trial $ 7.99 1-Week Trial Over 1 Million
    Karaoke via Yoki Free Option $ 4.99 Free Option Over 1 Million
    StarMaker Free Option $ 16.99 Free 1 Million Option
    Voice Free Option $ 7.99 Free Option Over 1 Million
    Free SingSnap Options $ 14.99 More than 1000 free options
    Karaoke applications with free options
    Check out these two articles for a comparison of the best options:

    The best smartphone karaoke apps
    The best karaoke apps for smart TV

    Good options for Android and Apple
    Quality songs

    Restrictions on some applications with the free version
    Some apps have ads

    1. Use free karaoke software
      Downloadable karaoke software often provides users with the best karaoke track. While most karaoke programs operate on a subscription basis, there are several options that come with a free trial or free option.

    Kanto Karaoke: Playlist is limited to 5 songs with free Windows version
    iStar: Works on Mac
    Sing Magic: More than 30,000 songs available

    High audio quality
    No ads

    Limited selection of free software
    The software takes time to download

    1. Free trial on karaoke websites
      If you do not want to download any software or application for karaoke singing on your device, you can use the free trial version on the karaoke website instead. The best options are available here.

    Karafan Online Player: Offers Free Demo
    Sunfly Karaoke: Free 14 day trial
    Singa: Offers a free version on any device
    Lucky Voice Karaoke: A 14-day trial with 9000+ songs

    Easily accessible without downloading anything
    No ads

    Most offer only a free trial

    1. Create your own karaoke track
      If you find YouTube and karaoke apps a bit limited, you can use these steps to create your own karaoke track:

    Remove vocals from existing tracks with Audacity.
    Make a video of the song with a video maker website e.g. Shell wings
    Add instrumental tracks to the song video and make sure the timing is right.