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Repo info
    Matthew Harmon
    I am, but at work atm.
    can u share with me a approach to work with concurrence + mongoengine?
    Matthew Harmon
    I cannot I’m afraid. I’m no longer doing python. :(
    Eli Boyarski
    Hi, I asked a MongoEngine question on SO. Does anybody have an idea on how I should implement such a solution?
    Serge Matveenko
    @eli-b nice case. I believe it is impossible to do what you need without a hack similar to the one you mentioned on SO
    Eli Boyarski
    Thanks @lig! If my hack is written well enough, would you guys be interested in such a solution?
    Eli Boyarski
    Apparently I needed to add allow_inheritance to the meta. This is already supported by MongoEngine :)
    Serge Matveenko
    Omer Katz
    @/all We want to conduct a roadmap discussion for 1.0 soon
    Who is available tomorrow or the day after?
    I want at least 5 people available including @rozza to ensure we cover everything.
    Omer Katz
    @/all What about this week?
    Ross Lawley
    I’m around most of this week :+1:
    Khairul Imam
    hello everyone..
    Khairul Imam
    is it possible to use autoincrement field on mongoengine.
    how i can make api for this model
    Hi, i using below code to practice $lookup aggregate but got error, could you guys plz help me?
        def aggregate(self, request, *args, **kwargs):
            demo method using aggregate to query model user reference to product
            pipeline = [{"$unwind": "$cartList"},{
                "$lookup": {
                    "from": "products",
                    "localField": "cartList",
                    "foreignField": "_id",
            snippets = Users.objects.aggregate(pipeline)
            return Response(snippets, status=status.HTTP_200_OK)
    Request Method:    GET
    Request URL:    http://localhost:8000/webapp/api/users/59746ba996279a2b10bbc701/aggregate/
    Django Version:    1.11.3
    Exception Type:    OperationFailure
    Exception Value:    
    Each element of the 'pipeline' array must be an object
    Exception Location:    D:\IoT\angular\django\env\lib\site-packages\pymongo\helpers.py in _check_command_response, line 210
    Python Executable:    D:\IoT\angular\django\env\Scripts\python.exe
    Python Version:    3.6.1
    Python Path:    
    Server time:    Sun, 23 Jul 2017 10:31:37 +0000
    John W. Nolette
    Hello everyone
    Is anyone available?
    Hi guys! Why there are still not so many people here?)
    John W. Nolette
    The mongo slack python channel is very helpful
    @neetjn Could you give a link?
    John W. Nolette
    had to dig for it
    keep thinking its mongodb.slack.com
    how to batch insert?
    Python Hub
    How to delete index with mongoengine?
    hey I have a seemingly simple requirement but I can't seem to figure
    class Signal(Document):
        user = ReferenceField('User', required=True)
        timestamp = StringField(default=str(datetime.now))
        meta = {'allow_inheritance': True, 'strict': False}
      signals = Signal.objects(user=user)
     signals_wanted_with_user = [signal.to_mongo().to_dict() for signal in signals]
    I want the signals _wanted to come back with the user field being at least populated by user.username or similar