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    Jjagg on develop

    Bump GtkSharp to fix crashes on… Merge pull request #7493 from h… (compare)

Jorin G.
Hi, I'm confused. Why aren't we using .dll files anymore?
kimimaru .NET still uses .dll files. What's your environment look like? Which version of MonoGame are you using?
apos It's neat gitter is with matrix now
apos * It's neat that gitter is with matrix now
[matrix] 😍
Hi to all
I've developed a picture recongnition but my technique is too slow , testing each point of the screen looking for my model picture
maybe you should have some advices to give me
I"m going to post my question , showing my PixelShader
Hey! I'm trying out MonoGame, have heard some good things about it! Just curious for other developers here, do ya'll develop on the same PC you game on? Or do you have a dedicated Laptop/PC for Gaming & Development? (: thx!
Fellow Individual
I play games on the same system I use.
Simon (Darkside) Jackson

Use a nice and powerful machine to develop on, no matter which engine you use. But don't confuse your dev machines with testing. ALWAYS use a sample of devices you wish to deploy on (that users can use for their base specs). Always depends on budget, but there are a few coud options which have their performance limited to device specs or have warehouses of physical test devices, such as Microsoft's AppCenter, or Apples Test cloud.

Test as far as your budget allows and there is no such thing as TOO MUCH testing :D

Never let your customers become your testers (except for that small special bunch who will opt into a beta :D )
Tesla Ice Zhang‮
Hi all, is it possible to specify the center of rotation of a SpriteBatch.Draw call?
In other words, if I wanna rotate something based on a certain point, what would be the best practice to do that?
monogame #1
@ice1000 no but you could set the origin on .draw() to make it rotation around that origin point. by default origin point is top left.
@ice1000 In this instance, set the origin to new Vector2(sprite.Width / 2, sprite.Height / 2) to rotate around the center.

(0, 0) is top-left, and (sprite.Width, sprite.Height) is bottom-right. Here's a handy extension: https://github.com/tdeeb/BaseMonoGameEngine/blob/master/BaseMonoGameEngine/BaseMonoGameEngine/Classes/Global/Extensions.cs#L183

It lets you specify the (0, 0) to (1, 1) range.

Tesla Ice Zhang‮
hi there
does this actualy workjs?
Tesla Ice Zhang‮
Wdym by 'this'?
hallo gus
@Fl1pNatic learn how to spell
can monogame be used to create iOS (iphone) game?
if so, how does the viewcontroller play a part in the development of game
Norbert Klar
Made a suggestion for this issue: somebody would like to check it out? MonoGame/MonoGame#7351
Noel O Hara
any body looking at monogame with blazor?
already made a port of it an year ago, works worse than the bridge.net version
wasm version will come once I have some free time and nothing to do XD
how to install
Tesla Ice Zhang‮
Hello where can I download content pipeline tool latest version?
If you have dotnet installed, you can do
dotnet tool install --global dotnet-mgcb-editor
mgcb-editor --register
Tim Habersack
Hello everyone!
I've been noodling with some 2D games for a while. I am a web app developer by trade, but of course I've always wanted to make games. :)
Tim Habersack
2D games like Age of Wonders 1, old school RPGs, EGA Trek, XCOM, etc are my jam.
Tim Habersack
Anyway, MonoGame looks like exactly what I've been needing. I am experienced in mostly PHP, with some golang,js experience. I am going to start on some baby steps for learning C#.
Tim Habersack
anyone doing dev work on a linux box?
how do you create a project
please tell me
Giovanni Cortes
Hello I tried to install MGCB in Arch Linux, but when I launch the program, I see this error. Do you know any clue about what can be? The same is working in Ubuntu 20.10
Brandon Foster
anyone here?
Brien King
What's up?
Roy Triesscheijn
FYI I think most people are on Discord, or at least its much more active: https://discord.gg/wZg3tfEk