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Dan Gant

Hello. Using MonoGame for the first time. Created a new project from the MonoGame cross-platform project template in Visual Studio. But the project template has NuGet package errors out of the box:

  • Unable to find package MonoGame.Content.Builder with version (>= 3.8.0) | Found 9 version(s) in [ Nearest version: ]
  • Unable to find a stable package MonoGame.Framework.DesktopGL with version (>= 3.8.0) | Found 7 version(s) in [ Nearest version: ]

What's strange is that it looks like I have 3.8 installed (see screenshot).

What would get the packages lined up in a working state?

Dan Gant
If the state of 3.8 on NuGet is unstable I also wouldn't mind just using a 3.7 template if that's available somewhere
Dan Gant

Resolved, I think. The project template references the no-longer-published MonoGame.Content.Builder (solution: remove it) and for MonoGame.Framework.DesktopGL Visual Studio refuses to resolve wildcard versions to prerelease versions (solution: have the project template specify the exact version string).

I opened MonoGame/MonoGame#7196 proposing these fixes to the project template

The link to the README on the documentation page of the website is broken
Dan Gant
Pipeline.exe isn't running for me. If I run it, I get a spinny cursor for about a second, and no program opens. It doesn't show up on my Task Manager. Windows 10, installing from
Is there a known way to get it running?
It also doesn't work if I attempt to open an mgcb from Explorer or from VS
Dan Gant
This is C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\MonoGame\v3.0\Tools\Pipeline.exe, 500kb
I see some people having more success with the 3.7 installed version over the 3.7.1, but is the 3.7 pipeline.exe compatible with 3.8?
Dan Gant
From I saw that there's a Settings.xml in IsolatedStorage that could get corrupted, but I don't have a Settings.xml in mine
Hi everyone, Can anyone share their perspective on why project issues are discussed here in Gitter instead of under the comments section of the issue report in the GitHub issue tracker?
Good day everyone! I want to start contributing and want to start with No. 1593. I've gone through the guidelines for contribution, it mentioned asking before submitting a pull request. How can I get started? Is there anything else I should keep in mind? Thanks!
Vicente Penades
@KshitijVikramSingh you should ask at monogame's Discord forum, where most monogame developers talk now.
okay I will, thanks!
anybody alive here?
Vinicius Jarina
Brien King
Maybe :)
How can I read a pixel's colour from a texture?
Daniel Sör
@89o if its just a couple of pixels you're interested in, then there's a method for it on the texture class
if you want to work with lots of pixels, then you'll want to look into calling GetData
Liam Di Dato
Hello friends
Im attempting to setup a monogame project in F#, but am struggling getting everything configured properly
Is there any up to date articles or documentation i can read for setting up an F# proj?
Liam Di Dato
I see theres some F# templates in develop at the moment, but they arent available in the 3.7 release
Simon (Darkside) Jackson

Logged a new issue against the 3.8 release, sadly it seems the Pipeline tool won't start anymore (at least for me)

Confirmed it's not my machine by reinstalling 3.7.1 and the pipeline tool works on that build

Will try and run from source later to try and pin down the issue.
Simon (Darkside) Jackson
@harry-cpp So if the new deployment method is NuGet, how are we managing the project templates? Is there now an extension?
Ok, I see from the install docs there is now an extension. This really needs to be highlighted both on the downloads page and the homepage
Critically, the existing dev setup download needs removing as it's faulty
Roy Triesscheijn
Hey everyone, I've found a bug (MonoGame/MonoGame#7243) and I'm attempting to write a fix
However, I have trouble building the lastest version of the develop branch, and I can't find any documentation on how to build MonoGame. Did I miss a markdown file somewhere?
(I'm on Windows, and I'm getting errors about stb and NVorbis, etc.. they are not even references in the project files so I'm assuming I have to generate the right csproj files via some tool, or that I have to get these depencencies elsewhere or something like that)
Roy Triesscheijn
Ah.. I figured it out, it was submodules!
Silly me
Roy Triesscheijn
Unfortunately the actual bug I found seems hard to fix, the mono game effect compiler was moved to a separate assembly so it will be hard for it to communicate back any included files
Roy Triesscheijn
Could try to match the includes with a regex, but that seems quite error prone and won't work if, for ex. a define is part of the include
Jack Wiberg
hi is this
still relevant?
cause i just get an error saying keydown literally doesnt exist :(
Brien King
@jacwib Can you use the KeyboardState for this ?
As of 29 Mar 2019, SharpDX is no longer being under development or maintenance
Simon (Darkside) Jackson
Quick call out while I'm updating the docs for the upcoming 3.8 release. Does anyone have any new tutorials or content they would wish to share which help developers build MonoGame projects and games?
is monogame any good for 3d
Daniel Sör
@W0nnaFight it's definitely usable, but calling it good is a bit of a stretch
personally i wouldn't use it for a 3d project unless i was targeting phones
If you guys are using CoreRT, with or without MonoGame, please fill this survey dotnet/runtime#40430, they are trying to gather feedback to understand why people want native AOT compilation
if you don't know what CoreRT is:, Carrion and Streets of Rage 4 both published their game using it!, if you want to get started:
René Juan Rico Mendoza
It's happening ... Monogame 3.8 ... is coming out :rocket: