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This is a channel for MonoGame, not Unity
What is the best physics library to start with monogame?
Dominique Louis
Are you targeting Windows 10 with a UWP/UAP app/game and making that app/game available via https://itch.io, which requires side-loading on customer machines? This batch file automates a few things required for side-loading and installation on Windows 10. Feedback, contributions welcome - https://gist.github.com/CartBlanche/cc135d46944818864d9d468916c982cd
I also have an uninstall batch file, if that is of interest to anyone.
On a side note, this sort of thing really should be provided by Microsoft via a notary service, like Apple does for macOS apps/games. But doesn't look like MS want to make that simpler for developers. :/
Ruben Hägg
Brien King
what's the current state of compiling Monogame to web?
Sandy Gutierrez
any tips on how to install and use monogame on archlinux?
kev zettler
Can anyone point me to the latest guide to compiling monogame for Html5 Web builds?
can someone help me with my homework
Hey y'all developing new gaming application?
Hey, is your build server down? I'm struggling to connect to it while trying to install the MGCB-editor. I
I keep timing out while trying to install it on Linux.
"/usr/share/dotnet/sdk/5.0.403/NuGet.targets(131,5): error : The HTTP request to 'GET http://teamcity.monogame.net/guestAuth/app/nuget/feed/_Root/default/v3/index.json' has timed out after 100000ms. [/tmp/xymbo1rl.roa/restore.csproj]"
Pinging the domain teamcity.monogame.net sends no packets back either.
I tried downloading the .nupkg file and installing it manually but got the same outcome. I should mention perhaps that I originally was able to install the stable build a few days ago, but when I was met with an error, I uninstalled it and decided to try a developmental release, which I haven't been able to install due to the aforementioned connection timeout. I can no longer install the stable release either.
After disabling the build server source from the dotnet source list I can now install the stable version, but the GTK errors when starting the program persists.
"System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at Gtk.Widget.DrawnSignalCallback(IntPtr inst, IntPtr arg0, IntPtr gch)"
Gtksharp is installed, as well as libgtk 2 and 3, and I've followed the setup documentations exactly. The console dumps out a bunch of errors and warnings pertaining to GTK and Gdkpixbuf checks which all fail.
Anyways, I'll give you time to respond and check back later. Thanks for maintaining monogame, you guys are doing the lords work.
Tristan Lee Mitchell
Oh hi there's a chat? How's everyones games coming along ;)
Dominique Louis
Morning all. I just tried using XACT 3.0 (June 2010 release) to add a nice rain/thunder track to my game and it seems to have totally fubarred the XNA found file as it throws an exception when trying to read the new files. The wav file played fine inside XACT. To be fair it's been years since I've used XACT, so it's probably something simple. Does anyone know if there is a specific setting I need to toggle?
Also the files size went form 29MB to 9MB. I initially put that down to better compression in the newer version, but now I'm not so sure. Any hints welcome.
Dominique Louis
OK it is the compression that breaks the playback. Seems the XAP project didn't store my original no-compression flag from a while ago.
Hi all. Evaluating Monogame for some lightweight 2D game development :)
I want to share you an article that I wrote before, which is abt 6 mobile games that we should try. Hope you like it! Thanks https://entrepreneursbreak.com/6-best-free-online-game-for-pc-in-2021.html