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Roy Triesscheijn
However, I have trouble building the lastest version of the develop branch, and I can't find any documentation on how to build MonoGame. Did I miss a markdown file somewhere?
(I'm on Windows, and I'm getting errors about stb and NVorbis, etc.. they are not even references in the project files so I'm assuming I have to generate the right csproj files via some tool, or that I have to get these depencencies elsewhere or something like that)
Roy Triesscheijn
Ah.. I figured it out, it was submodules!
Silly me
Roy Triesscheijn
Unfortunately the actual bug I found seems hard to fix, the mono game effect compiler was moved to a separate assembly so it will be hard for it to communicate back any included files
Roy Triesscheijn
Could try to match the includes with a regex, but that seems quite error prone and won't work if, for ex. a define is part of the include
Jack Wiberg
hi is this
still relevant?
cause i just get an error saying keydown literally doesnt exist :(
Brien King
@jacwib Can you use the KeyboardState for this ?
As of 29 Mar 2019, SharpDX is no longer being under development or maintenance
Simon (Darkside) Jackson
Quick call out while I'm updating the docs for the upcoming 3.8 release. Does anyone have any new tutorials or content they would wish to share which help developers build MonoGame projects and games?
is monogame any good for 3d
Daniel Sör
@W0nnaFight it's definitely usable, but calling it good is a bit of a stretch
personally i wouldn't use it for a 3d project unless i was targeting phones
If you guys are using CoreRT, with or without MonoGame, please fill this survey dotnet/runtime#40430, they are trying to gather feedback to understand why people want native AOT compilation
if you don't know what CoreRT is:, Carrion and Streets of Rage 4 both published their game using it!, if you want to get started:
René Juan Rico Mendoza
It's happening ... Monogame 3.8 ... is coming out :rocket:
Peter Amrehn
great, may be worth giving it a try if the nuget workflow works for my case then.
Patrick Adesso
I created a little game over the weekend with latest 3.8 VS extension and it was very smooth except maybe for small issue with content pipeline tool where I had to pull monogame repo to get the tool and then output needed to be set explicitly so the compiled resources went to the right place. I didn't report anything because I wasn't sure of state of it or if it's expected.
Hey all, I've been having some issues moving form windows dev to macos. In particular seems to be some issues around the OpenGL context
The best I can find is that the OpenGL context may not be initialized prior to the window being shown
Heya, I'm using Monogame in dotnet core and I was wondering what networking libraries people are using? I've seen older recommendations, but they tend to be unmaintained now.
@Faffotron, you can see a bunch of libs on the bottom of looks like an interesting replacement for Lidgren, which has been pretty much abandonded for a long time.
Ah excellent! Thanks @kerams!
Hi all!
I created pull-request on March 3rd, but nobody watched it - is it ok?)
What is the standard approach when doing a pull request?
  1. Fork MonoGame on GitHub
  1. Do commits and create a branch for the commits on the remote (Forked MonoGame repo)
  1. Switch to GitHub website and open the PR there choosing MonoGame as base and the branch with the commits from the forked repo as "source"?
Is this more or less how it goes? Or is there missing something?
  1. Delete the branch on GitHub after the PR has been merged?
Peter Amrehn
@Kwyrky that's how you do it, yes. Usually you don't delete the branch before the PR is merged as you may want to fix issues you got from code review on that branch
OK thanks
Wondering why Gitter changed my manually written numbers from 1 to 4 all to "1."?
@jongleur1983 OK thanks for the info
Matt H
anyone know how I might debug opengl shaders given that the version of opengl monogame is using is so ancient
Hi all! I'm trying to build my game with mkbuild and I'm running with this error. What do I do wrong?
C:\Users\xande\source\repos\MineSweeper>mkbundle bin\Debug\netcoreapp3.1\MineSweeper.exe --simple -o MineSweeperDebian --cross mono-6.8.0-debian-10-x64
From: C:\Users\xande\Documents\.mono\targets\mono-6.8.0-debian-10-x64
ERROR: Cannot load assembly (bad file format) Exception of type 'IKVM.Reflection.BadImageFormatException' was thrown.
Daniel Sör
its clearly complaining about the assembly, so you've got some compilation settings wrong
Sooo, where could be the issue? In those targets or in my solution settings?
Daniel Sör
@SurWeaver its the assembly its complaining about, so you need to look at the project/msbuild settings
all the solution contains is which projects and build configs to build
where can i find information on licensing? is monogame free to use both personal and commercial?
in practice ms-pl is pretty much a microsoft-branded mit license