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Nov 2016
Nov 05 2016 01:21
Lily, I've done a bit at Khan Academy, JavaScript is cool, I like it. So the canvas area is very small, 400 by 400 whatever the measurement is that is used. Is that typical everywhere, how does it work? What if I need a much larger area to create my designs in?
Nov 05 2016 01:28
How do I tell who is live on chat? There are pics/icons on the right side of the screen showing a number of people, and it says See All 59 people. Is this who is on at the moment? And what's with all the choices down the left side "Your Suggestions"?
Lily Romano
Nov 05 2016 22:26
@KR62 canvas is whatever size you declare it to be. On this pen you can see my canvas is 100% width, 100% height (look in the css section)
there is, in theory, a green dot on the avatar of people viewing the page but I've seen it show people online who are not online. /shrug. All 59 people are signed into the room. Many people, like myself, use an app so we can see messages even if we don't have a green dot. I have gitter installed on my phone for example. Yesterday I wasn't chatty as my wrist has been bothering me, so typing was a no-go.
Nov 05 2016 22:40
Thanks, I just followed you on Codepen, love the quotes.