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Nov 2016
Nov 11 2016 02:26
Well, I made it (about an hour late, as predicted!! )
Nov 11 2016 02:40
Anyhow, before starting, some catch-up for everyone curious:
Yes, I do now work for Microsoft. I work as a Consultant for the Data Insights division, which means that I get shipped off to work for some needy company. ("needy"!! usually not "nerdy" - that's why they're needy :) )Data Insights are the people specialising in MS SQL Server and BI. Right now I get up at some unGodly hour on Mondays, drive to PHL (leave my car at PreFlight), fly to DTW, visit Avis, and go to the Ford ITek centre in Dearborn to work on a kinda neat system - it's a multi-processor, shared-nothing implementation of SQL Server called APS ( Frida afternoons I come back, 40 billable hours under my belt.
So that's why I've been noticeably absent - I'm very sorry!!
OTOH, if anyone wants to learn anything about SQL, or about databases in general, I guess, then I should be working remotely the week of Thanksgiving, so could present a bit if anyone would like me to. We just need to decide wither on a venue or on a way of webexing things - maybe Skype would be better, although the compatible version is still in Beta for Linux and I haven't tried it out yet (volunteers anyone?)
Yes, @SimplyPhy , @Lilyheart - I'll see you at the BarCamp - email me for my phone # (use my handle here at gmail)
Jonathan Herman
Nov 11 2016 04:48
@Lilyheart got done installfest today even with having to reinstall to do it
David Castner
Nov 11 2016 20:19
Alright I've been slacking when it comes to personal project and I think I finally have some free time this weekend. Anyone have an idea for a completely useless app?
the more useless the better
Jonathan Herman
Nov 11 2016 22:28
An app that interprets beep codes for computers ya know now that almost none of the manufacturers use them
Lily Romano
Nov 11 2016 23:19
@dcpking just fyi this chatroom is in the public. If you are not okay if an employer sees your big message I can delete it. YouTube Live + this chat room is what MontCode uses for streaming stuff.
re: Barcamp. I can be contacted through here in this chatroom or messages on here or through Facebook. I don't have a phone number to share.
@lantech19446 that's fun Jon xD wheeeeee
@davidjcastner I am idea'd out.
Jonathan Herman
Nov 11 2016 23:36
@Lilyheart not so much fun trying to install on opensuse but flew right through it once i put Ubuntu back on my laptop, kinda pisses me off that developers of all people say Linux and only make it compatible with Ubuntu however