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Mar 2017
Bryon Martinez
Mar 10 2017 02:03
@Lilyheart @SimplyPhy did you guys write the bot? If so was there a resource you used and how did you deploy it? Very fascinating thing to me.
Eric Phy
Mar 10 2017 03:53
@brindlebrew lily did, though i saw something that might be a good resource for learning to do it. Remind me tomorrow or whenever and I'll try to find it for you
Bryon Martinez
Mar 10 2017 04:38
Awesome that KS @SimplyPhy
Lily Romano
Mar 10 2017 04:41
@brindlebrew MontBot is an offshoot of CamperBot
Bryon Martinez
Mar 10 2017 16:52
@Lilyheart awesome - thanks for the link!
Mar 10 2017 16:52
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