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May 2017
Lily Romano
May 31 2017 00:25
Would it be overkill to flash the living room light when the timer is done? >.>
Lily Romano
May 31 2017 01:12
Working on mobile (sound on mobile is a pain). I can zip it up for anyone that is curious.
Not gonna lie, the code is a bit of a jumble as the "actual" version will be node/express (I think) so stuff looks a bit crazy. The css if half sass generated from the parts that will be reused in the actual version and half slapped onto the end just so I could play around with the API. Gotta know what's possible!
Lily Romano
May 31 2017 01:17
Here's what it looks like when you click a tea
Not bad for an afternoon/evening of work. I can go to sleep now xD
May 31 2017 12:22
That's pretty cool @Lilyheart!