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Sep 2017
Sep 13 2017 00:07
@ConstanceViette_twitter I learned have on college but I am very rusty and haven't done any actual JavaScript
Lily Romano
Sep 13 2017 03:07
Hey @ConstanceViette_twitter and @danielwertz ! I unfortunately have class during the last part of chat so I missed ya'lls conversation. There are several people in this chat room that are familiar with javascript and can probably answer questions when/if you get stuck. Even more so if you are doing freeCodeCamp because many of us have already solved the challenges on there and so are familiar. If you plan on posting code snippets here, please check this video on the best way to post code in gitter so that it's easier for us to help you.
@ConstanceViette_twitter I'll have to check out that course! I don't think that is one I've heard about before. Thanks for the heads up!