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Nov 2017
Nov 22 2017 00:06
lol - yeah we can each get completely charged in about 4 hours when it's installed
Robert Marcy
Nov 22 2017 01:03
Thanks! I’m going to try that in a second
Working on updates ... 1%
Nov 22 2017 01:07
Yuck, updates. Debian?
Robert Marcy
Nov 22 2017 02:04
Naw, it’s that big new win 10 update. I️ run Linux in a virtual machine
And Apple still wants to autocorrect i to I️
“Fall creators update”
Lily Romano
Nov 22 2017 02:20
that update is so useless on the surface. messed up the pen real good in onenote. such a hassle
Robert Marcy
Nov 22 2017 02:22
Yeah I’m getting a weird crackle from my speakers now :a
So i have been honing this command for a while now /sigh .. I’m close with : dpkg —list | awk ‘{print $2}’ | egrep “^q*”
It gives me the results I️ want but with the desired items in an overall list highlighted red. I️ just want it to return the items