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Aug 2018
Aug 08 2018 12:15

Sorry for the late response, I was out and about last night. I've been bowling Tuesdays over the summer, hence why I haven't been able to make it to these chats recently. Anyways, here is a good breakdown of what the difference is between the two:

If you're interested in actually taking a course related to testing (which I highly recommend that you do if you are going to be a developer), Udacity has a free course here: I personally haven't taken the course yet, but usually they have pretty good stuff.

Lily Romano
Aug 08 2018 13:26
No need to apologise about the bowling xD.
Thanks for finding that Udacity course! I might go through it as well!
Aug 08 2018 14:20

You're welcome! I like what Udacity has to offer for some software development.

Learning how to properly test can drastically improve your skills as a developer, as not only will you then start coding more effectively, but you will also learn more reasons to document your code (and how to document it).

Aug 08 2018 15:33
Hey @G7470
Thanks so much! I’ll check it out later today!
i appreciate it