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Aug 2018
Aug 29 2018 02:31
There's nothing more fun than C, Lily <grin>! I'm slowly going through a MS Big Data course, and being forced to learn all the things like Python, R, Hive, etc at the same time is way more of a pain than C was. Maybe being about 40 years older doesn't help, either <grin>
Aug 29 2018 12:05
Learning multiple languages at the same time is always a pain, Mike! When I started my current job, I had to learn multiple languages too, and it is difficult sometimes to really keep them all straight. I wish you the best of luck with those. I unfortunately don't know any of those languages myself, otherwise I would offer some help
Aug 29 2018 15:30
Well, I'll tell you how it comes out in a few weeks when I get done with it!