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Sep 2018
Lily Romano
Sep 05 2018 00:02
Suppose that is not unique to comp sci tho.
Sep 05 2018 01:39
I don't think that's unique to comp sci, but it's very prevalent in comp sci, that's for sure
Sep 05 2018 04:41
That's what you have to do in electrical engineering - probably a lot of types of engineering - and certainly comp sci!
(doing tonight? NoSQL ... database made from JavaScript and then they give access examples in Java ... fine except the examples were too small to read <grrr>
Sep 05 2018 20:11
NoSQL is difficult for me to really wrap my head around. I understand the concept of what it is, why it exists, and how to query it, but as someone who likes to know where exactly the data is stored, how it's stored, and how to manipulate it as necessary, NoSQL gives me a challenge, as in most cases you can't exactly answer all of those questions with NoSQL.