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Repo info
Arye Shalev
Hi, very nice library! i am working with react and es6 and webpack, i tried to import the lib and i can get the ".init" to work but and popup and redirect etc but all the events such as "auth.login" or promises are not working. i saw there is an es6 branch but how do i use it and how do i do the right import? since i in a naive way just imported the default from the package i might need also require the 3rd party include? i mean is the export of what i am importing is Hello.all.js? thanks!
Chris Camplejohn
Hi. Has anyone managed to get Hello.js to work with react + TypeScript + WebPack with server side rendering? If I import it Hello.js then the use of window breaks on the SSR as WebPack has included Hello.js in both the server side and client side bundles, but then I am unsure how to get it only included in the client side bundle. I don't think the issue is actually with WebPack as I need to somehow conditionally include the require in the react component which is written in TypeScript. I am guessing by somehow using componentDidMount as that is only run on the client. Any ideas? Anyone done this? Thanks in advance.
Miquel Romero Sanfeliu
Hi. I have issues when trying to login with twitter. Works in localhost, but it does not in my server. I've been able to copy the url in the popup, and they are really similar in both cases

Popup closes:


Popup doesn't close:

Hey y'all ... I'm not entirely sure of how this is supposed to work. But I've been able to write a custom network module for a custom oauth provider. However, when I get the login promise resolves, I am getting 3600 expiration token. Is hello.js supposed to refresh that and get the final token or am I supposed to do that on the backend?
I think I get it now. Need to run an oauth proxy. Which there is an instance of on heroku, but also possible to setup my own. I guess that answers my question - need to have a backend :)
Bozhidar Hristov
Hello! I am looking at Hello.js for the possible use case of a data tool that will allow users to gather data from social media. Example use case: a user registers with twitter/fb/instagram and enters a page/profile and all the data from this page should be collected. Is this possible using Hello.js?
bzhr: hello.js is just an oauth library. it helps you to get a token from the user account, but what you do with that token is up to you.
Bozhidar Hristov
Seems like just what I need... I will have a look. Can you maybe point me towards the documentation where I can see where the token js stored?
bzhr: the token is not stored anywhere, it is passed to you via callback or a resolved promise. It is up to you to handle everything else, including storage of the token.
I'm confused as to how the popup is supposed to close after the redirect. For some reason it's not closing. I am using the redirect.html from the repo.
MrSwitch: any ideas?
Hi Im using hello.js to login with facebook and google, but I get error 403 GET https://www.googleapis.com/plus/v1/people/me?access_token=
facebook login is working fine, but google is having above error

HelloJS is great but at the moment I am using

const hello = require('hellojs/dist/hello.all')

which costs 168K / 54K gzip when I am using only facebook login and going to use google so I could probably import just those modules..
Is there any example how can I use it with only parts of hello which I really need to reduce the size of my app ?

I am in China, your third-party Twitter login error, in addition to my site, your site is also wrong
Tauren Mills
Should I be using npm i hellojs or npm i hellojs@next? It isn’t clear if the docs are for both, or just one version. The docs say to “try out” the next version, but what does that mean (it doesn’t provide me with much confidence)? It also seems like there is far more activity in the master branch than in the v2 branch.
I have a question - is there any security issues around us storing the JWT in local storage ? Are we not potentially making it available for other Javascipt sites to access and attain ? thanks
Hi all!
When I try to update hello.js to versions > v2 it gives me this error: Uncaught ReferenceError: regeneratorRuntime is not defined. All versions < v2 works fine.
I'm initializing hello.js as: hello.init({ facebook : '0000000000000' },{ scope:'email, user_birthday, user_location' });
What could be the problem?
Another question:
are hello.js versions somehow correlated to FB Graph API versions or all versions of hello.js uses the latest Graph API version?
hey guys!!
i started today with the hello.js and are showing some error in the module required.

redirect_uri: window.location.href.split('#')[0],

ReferenceError: window is not defined

what could be?
hi all
a quick question about it
some providers don't make the difference between authentication and authorization
but for those who do this distinction, does Hellojs handle the authentication flow ?
or does it work uniformly for all providers with oauth2 authorization ?
does hellojs use google-sign-in when you hello.login(‘google’) ?
Jerome Boccon-Gibod
Hi, love hello.js but I can't get facebook user's profile link, looks like https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id= doesn't work anymore
Is there a way to restrict the google+ email logins to specific domains (hd: option?)
Stefano Antonel
Hello, I need to pass extra params in the query to the server such as nonce: null that the server requires. Any idea how to pass extra stuffs?
John Brock
Hi folks, doesn't look like there has been a lot of activity here in a while, but hopefully there are still some folks lurking about. The app registration Database on Hiroku appears to be down since yesterday. Does anyone know who can give that service a kick?
This is the service that I am referring to. https://auth-server.herokuapp.com/#signin
John Brock
Thanks to whomever restarted the Heroku service! My site is back online now.
Dave Derman
Is the Yahoo auth not working anymore? Even on the hello.js home page, when you click the yahoo icon, it just opens a dialog that then closes immediately and I am not signed in.
Goodafternoon. Are there any known issues using hello.js against a azureb2c backend? We have the issue that people sometimes have to login twice.
Hello,I meet a problem。Go to the callback page without authorization。
Jose Manuel Vilomar
Hello, everybody
Dimitris Karagiannis
So, I am trying to understand how the library manages to get the response object back to the main window, after the popup window closes. Anyone can give me any clues?
Dimitris Karagiannis
so, after spending some time to reverse engineer it, I still don't understand how the window._handler_hash gets invoked when the authentication finishes. Where is the invocation happening? I can also see that one of the queries on the callback uri is callback: _handler_hash
Arye Shalev
Hi guys, who ever has a blog or post on Medium stuff that are related to programming, I am working on a new publishing platform, its my side project and i worked reallllly hard on it - I would love for your feedback! if you love publishing and curating content - PLEASE PM ME :)
if my message is not following chat room rules i will delete it! thanks.