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Sep 2014
Ahmed Charles
Sep 23 2014 01:19
@Chris7 python, eh?
sounds like fun
Stephen Lyons
Sep 23 2014 02:16
But who wants to take a snake with them - look at the fun Samuel L. Jackson had with them on an aeroplane :snake:
Stephen Lyons
Sep 23 2014 02:22
Technically speaking a tab is supposed to line up the following character at a preset distance ahead so the amount of "spaces" to add depends on the current "position" so one would have to know how much space the preceding and the current character on the line takes - which will get harder to calculate once we start using glyphs that are not a unit width - remember just because it is a mono-space font it does NOT mean every character is the same width! :wink2:
Vadim Peretokin
Sep 23 2014 03:04
every character same width makes the display be real fast though
Chris Mitchell
Sep 23 2014 14:22
@ahmedcharles It's very productive. If you need speed, you can actually inline C++ code in python