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Feb 2017
Stephen Lyons
Feb 16 2017 20:59
Oooh, that promises to be interesting - I won the auction on a certain, well-known, on-line site so a second user copy of Windows 7 Home should be winging it's way to me so I can get that Vista Laptop upgraded to a 'Doze version that will continue to work (for some finite, limited, arbitrary values of "work") past the End-Of-Extended-Support deadline of April this year. Mind you even with access to the updating process for Lose 7 is no longer as smooth as it once was as M$ tries to force users to Lose 10 by making getting updates for the older versions harder. The decision to roll all the monthly updates into one lump might have seemed to be a good move - but removing the detailed listing of what each update "fixes" is a real system breaker should just one of the bundled updates NOT be suitable (in a system crashing way) for your particular combination of hardware/software. :worried: