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Mar 2017
Vadim Peretokin
Mar 10 2017 09:01
:car: first time on the autobahn
Mar 10 2017 09:16
Oh no, clear the streets!
Stephen Lyons
Mar 10 2017 21:17
On which side of the road do you normally drive Vadim and have any Nation's roads got features that you love/hate compared to other countries? During my trips to France with my Mother in the last couple of years I missed the reflective British cat's eyes that we invented many year ago; on the other hand I quite liked the driver-level traffic light repeater lamps for the driver at the front of the traffic waiting at them {but that is needed to make up for the lack of lights on the far side of the junction} - I hated the French traffic light sequence that goes straight from red to green (the UK sequence goes red to red & amber to green) but on the other hand they have some junctions that go to a permanent flashing amber which I think means process with care/no priority to any direction - which is also reflected in some road signs also being fitted with a single flashing amber lamp. In the UK the only example of this is really the "Zebra-crossing" where the amber lamps have mutated into "Belisha Beacons"... :grinning: