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Apr 2017
Vadim Peretokin
Apr 02 2017 19:46
Damnit, my password manager has figured out that the master password for it and Google are the same. Now I have to change them.
Apr 02 2017 19:47
Stephen Lyons
Apr 02 2017 20:33

Well I was sitting out in the garden (was going to go for a spot of out-door programming, but got distracted by trying to watch the Cambridge vs. Oxford University Boat Race - only to find that I didn't have Flash on the Laptop I was used - so I thought lets ssh -Y into my Desktop machine and run FireFox from there as I know Flash is on THAT machine - then realised that although I could get vision the sound was being played on the Desktop machine up stairs and that a running pulse-audio server from it would eat into the LAN bandwidth (and was showing worrying signs of multi-casting outside towards my ISP and the 'Net) - then spent a while updating the Laptop and cleaning the keyboard of my main Desktop PC whilst that was going on...

A word to the curious, if you are going to clean all the fluff/hair/dust/food crumbs/dirt off of a keyboard - allow plenty of time for it even if it is one that the key tops can be unclipped from easily, it takes ages to do, OTOH I have a nice clean, now unsoiled keyboard! :grinning:

Apr 02 2017 20:34