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Apr 2017
Ahmed Charles
Apr 20 2017 02:24
@SlySven I mostly just view bugger as a cute thing people from the UK say. I'd probably call it "those islands off the coast of France" instead of the UK, but that would be worst than asking someone from Scotland if they were British... It really is all very confusing.
But at least it's cute.
Stephen Lyons
Apr 20 2017 13:25
Well sodomy is a very divisive activity so I'm not sure cute is the term I'd use! :wink:
Ahmed Charles
Apr 20 2017 23:46
I meant that people from the same country being upset when people outside that country are confused about what names to call different parts of that country.
That's cute.
I wasn't stating my opinion on sodomy.
I wasn't aware if this slang usage, in fact.