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Apr 2017
Ahmed Charles
Apr 21 2017 00:05
Aside: No, Java, I don't want you to update my browser settings to have yahoo as my default home page. I want to update Java so I don't get owned, stop asking stupid questions!
Vadim Peretokin
Apr 21 2017 07:19
Seriously, hey
Vadim Peretokin
Apr 21 2017 13:01
Vadim Peretokin
Apr 21 2017 13:56
Some of my work colleagues had a feedback session with the Nuget team and one of the suggestions they made was about package identity and trust - that "Package ID prefix reservation" now made it in
Pretty cool.
Stephen Lyons
Apr 21 2017 19:15
@ahmedcharles Abode flush is the same, if I allow some of the external javascript to run (overcome my default "block" on things with "NoScript") on their site on my Windows PCs I get asked if I want to install McFee virus software (should be "anti-virus" but with that approach I think the former term is more appropriate, given the pre-clicked checkbox) and I think there is now a second (un)helpful utility from a different antimalware company that wants to scan my PC for problems... :rage: