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May 2017
Vadim Peretokin
May 07 2017 08:45
@SlySven are you across ? You know, for some nostalgia? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I like this! I think we already align with / on our way to align with some of the lessons
Stephen Lyons
May 07 2017 20:03
It is not obvious which terminal that cool-retro-term is based upon - or perhaps it is customisable. Mayhaps it can provide a Digital Equipment Corporation's VT100 emulation that will really test those MUD clients that claim they offer that - and then do such non-VT100 things as colour {which only started to appear in the VT241?} Mind you I'm more of an Lear Siegler ADM-31 man myself. :wink:
...Oh for a proper 4-20mA current loop serial port... a decent 9600 baud-rate and with 8-bits, (never-mind we don't need those pesky parity bits and 1 Stop bit is more than enough)!