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Jun 2017
Stephen Lyons
Jun 20 2017 03:44
"Code of Conduct" - Humm, does that mean Vadim will be coming after us with a wet towel if we write PRs that are too big and convoluted - :worried:
In other news I am almost up and running following a dist-upgrade - but I am without sound :speak_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: - despite my anti-Pottering position vis-a-vis systemd I am now getting done over by pulseaudio - {which is mandatory now if you want audio on the FireFox browser post version 51 as it seems Mozilla "have drunk the kool-aid"} - I can sometimes see the underlying sound-cards using alsa but I can't quite yet use them as a normal user...
Vadim Peretokin
Jun 20 2017 08:06
@SlySven Not a bad idea hahah :D
Vadim Peretokin
Jun 20 2017 13:00 this whole thing is just useful