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Jun 2017
Stephen Lyons
Jun 27 2017 22:25

But the image in that link is NOT any of the RPi Compute Modules (either the original RPi based one "CM" or the new this year "CM3" / "CM3 Lite") it is instead the Development Kit board into which the selected CM can be inserted - the difference is profound - the CMs come in some where around £24/£30 for CM/CM3 (or less - £20 - in bulk of 1000+ for the CM) whereas the Development Kit (including a CM) is more like £70 {or £150 for the CM3}for an individual unit. If I was certain about the forward compatibility (which I am not) I might try a CM Dev Kit and slot in a CM3 Module.

One issue to be aware of with the CM is that it has a full set of GPIO pins (48 IIRC but a couple are used for some system purposes as well) compared to the 28 on the later normal RPis or 17 on early ones (also some used for system purposes) and not every RPi hardware related library fully supports the CMs - though Joan has had a good bash with her pigpio... :grinning: