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Jul 2017
Stephen Lyons
Jul 28 2017 02:15
:fire: Watching the Forest Fires around Bormes les Mimosas in France with concern - I'm off for my third holiday to within a couple of kilometres of that location at the end of August with my Mother (we decided to delay our trip for later in the year this year) - I just hope the property we will be renting will still intact by then - Mum had stayed on the particular site in the past (she recalls the particular unit being constructed in the late 1990s) and has remarked in the past that it was up on the edge of Le Lavendou not that far from the forest / open land and that during the Summer months anti-Fire precautions were well known to be needed! :fire:
Vadim Peretokin
Jul 28 2017 06:58
Oh no! Hope your place doesn't burn down.