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Aug 2017
Ahmed Charles
Aug 19 2017 02:26
I dislike when it doesn't work, the IT guy comes over, it still doesn't work and then you eventually give up and accept that it doesn't work.
Or like my last time changing my password. It said it didn't work, but it stopped accepting my old password and accepted my new password sometimes. Then it expired my old password and stopped accepting any of my passwords. Then I realized that the password generator wasn't generating passwords with special characters and the password website just had a really crappy UI for explaining failures.
Hours of my life I'll never get back.
Stephen Lyons
Aug 19 2017 21:34
Well perhaps we shouldn't be relying on passwords any longer and should get into biometrics instead? Though I am sure I remember a futuristic film where the hero or possibly the baddie escapes or gains access by using a detached eyeball from the body of an authorised user which he has brought with him in a polythene bag to get past an iris-scanning access-control system - so in some cases even unique body-parts might not be the best solution...
Oh, and hiya @ahmedcharles - it's been a while...