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Sep 2017
Stephen Lyons
Sep 09 2017 23:51

On my way back to normality err home... and I've got the WiFi working on the Devuan distro that I put onto this newer laptop than I had last year (now got 2GB and 2 cores though the processors are slower IIRC) - a fun thing I had to do to work on Mudlet though is force it to work on Qt 5.5 (last 32-Bit Qt provided binary installer) - fair enough the download of themes for the edbee editor didn't work but since I was then off-line I could just comment out the unsupported line in void dlgProfilePreferences::slot_editor_tab_selected(int tabIndex):

request.setAttribute(QNetworkRequest::FollowRedirectsAttribute, true);  

and away I went...