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Sep 2017
Stephen Lyons
Sep 20 2017 16:20

In my possibly somewhat irrational quest to avoid the latest incarnation of PotteringWare I have grasped my HDDs firmly in my hands and juggled partitions around to install FreeBSD on the tertiary HDD for my main PC.

And blimey, you do have to have your wits about you and ideally have a good grounding in *nix generally to do this IMHO. I know a lot more now about BSD DiskSlices than I did yesterday - I (perhaps unwisely) thought I needed to keep a separate (512MB) /boot partition but unfortunately the osprober for grub2 on Debian just thought it was an "Unknown Linux installation" and only saw the first (the '/') partition in the MBR/MSDOS on the drive and not the BSD labels inside which was problematic because the kernel image was stored a structure at least one further level inside what it could handle. Fortunately I was able to reboot the installation CD in a rescue mode and mount both the FreeBSD / and /boot partitions and copy the contents of the latter to the /boot/ directory on the former which grub2 could see and boot from.

Anyhow I eventually manages to install the X Server (which is an optional extra for FreeBSM, err FreeBSD) and following that with KDE and FireFox got enough of a GUI together to be able to get back onto the Net to find out how to accomplish other things that need doing. I was just a little perturbed to see that the current (and the previous) incarnations of Debian has dropped some BSD utilities like say an fsck.ufs which is a nuisance should one have a crash/hang when fiddling about during installation (and finding that the SATA DVD/CDROM drive that you have the installation disk appearing as a emulation of the slave drive on your tertiary HDD controller is a disk to far down the list of drives for the installer to see only adds to the fun...)

Anyway just installing Qt Creator and its dependencies and I am seeing that it is a nice healthy 5.7.1 so I wonder how well Mudlet will port across... :alien:

Vadim Peretokin
Sep 20 2017 17:21
I remember adjusting some Lua dependency before for FreeBSD, so I think someone has had it running
But it's not an officially supported platform.