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Sep 2017
Stephen Lyons
Sep 21 2017 19:08

Humm, with a bit of LIBS / INCLUDES tweaking in the I was able to build it OK:
Screenshot of almost complete Mudlet on FreeBSD 11.1
However there are some issues to resolve - only got two of the run-time Lua dependencies - but I guess I'll have to get more familiar with the /usr/ports/ area of the file-system where everything that is built from source (the longer, but more reliable way) is supposed to be constructed in a standardized way make <stage> <package> as opposed to the more restive way of installing binaries cut from the same files but which have only some options specified in order to create a coherent system...

Oh, and I do not have access to a working debugger yet as qmake is not including correct debug information yet for debug builds in Qt Creator...