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Oct 2015
Dave Jeffery
Oct 21 2015 00:19
Thanks a million!
Thanks for introducing me to unexpected assertion lib too. It's really nice and has a handy plugin for testing middlewares. Been working on adding tests this evening.
Gustav Nikolaj
Oct 21 2015 07:19
@davej I have a few questions about davej/piggy-in-the-middle - I was thinking about doing something similar - I guess that's why @Munter pinged me here :-) Why did you not just use tolk directly - what is the use case for baby-tolk?
@davej The second question is why you chose to make it ES6 only? Unfortunately, I'm in a position where most of the work I do is still on node 0.10. As far as I can tell, you only really use arrow functions and classes - you even have a promise library already :-)
Dave Jeffery
Oct 21 2015 09:40
@gustavnikolaj: 1. See here: Munter/tolk#17, hopefully PITM and tolk can share the same module to do compilation. I think that might look something like baby-tolk which does less stuff than tolk. Feature-wise the differences are no css auto-prefixing and source maps are passed up the promise chain rather than being inlined.
@gustavnikolaj: 2. I just wanted to play with some of the new ES6 stuff, I might convert it back to ES5 later. The promise library is only used to promisify built-in node functions. Native promises are used by the lib. There's also a couple of other things used like ES6 array methods.
Dave Jeffery
Oct 21 2015 09:46
You can require it with babel and it should work with node 0.10.x. Let me know if it doesn't and I'll fix it.
Dave Jeffery
Oct 21 2015 15:00
@gustavnikolaj: PITM is now in es5 and works with node 0.10+