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Jun 2016
Jun 13 2016 12:35
May you check in move event if the player is still blocking or something like this?
Jun 13 2016 15:59
Hello good morning!
@MylesIsCool (and @Matsv) would it be possible to funnel 1.9 connections for a 1.10 server? We have updated most of our plugins to 1.10 but don't want to lose players who still are connecting to 1.9.
If you guys need any help or development power to get it done please let me know
Jun 13 2016 16:25

@ShadedJon It would be possible. However, this plugin will not provide it first party.

We aim for higher client version connecting to lower server version

It would be double the work to support both ways, and backwards support would also have things like missing entities for older version and missing blocks.
There are other plugins out there like ProtocolSupport that do support backwards compatibility.
We will not (at least at the moment) support backwards compatibility between major versions.

Jun 13 2016 16:26
I'm only asking because of how obnoxious Mojang was with a new update so soon
Thank you for the response
Jun 13 2016 17:08
Oh god they released MC:PE 0.15 on E3
@ShadedJon Asking is always allowed ;)