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Jul 2016
Dylan Katz
Jul 09 2016 21:47
@MylesIsCool this needs to be taken down
The issue is currently pretty private
I reported it to mojang
those are the only people who I know that are aware of it currently
If you want, we can coordinate full disclosure, but it needs to be done carefully
Unless there's something I'm completely unaware of
Dylan Katz
Jul 09 2016 21:53
Currently it's assigned issues MC-79757 and MC-80001 by Mojang.
Dylan Katz
Jul 09 2016 22:00
Actually after looking over this it seems to be a slightly different but related issue. I would still suggest reporting it via bug tracker if nobody has started exploiting it
Jul 09 2016 22:31
that feel when your redstone starts exploding redstone :(