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Sep 2016
Sep 04 2016 13:47
I never knew about the GitHub Student Pack... it's pretty nice
Ryan James
Sep 04 2016 13:55
Ryan James
Sep 04 2016 14:03
Anyone know how to fix riding entities? Because ATM I just see the Horse walking random directions when riding.
Sep 04 2016 14:07
1.9 got client sided horse/boat riding, we decided to not implement that for spigot 1.8.x. Easy fix: update to 1.9 or 1.10. More info: MylesIsCool/ViaVersion#196
Ryan James
Sep 04 2016 14:08
Hmm ok.
I'm gonna have a go with 1.9 but it is possible to fix with 1.8?
I tried a hacky sort of way but it didn't work :( I'll try 1.9
Ryan James
Sep 04 2016 14:51
It doesn't even work with vanilla :( I'm setting velocities btw.
Sep 04 2016 23:05
It is normal to have teleportation lag in 1.9/1.10.2?
My test server is running 1.10.2 and everytime I spawn/teleport/respawn there is a 10 second delay lag