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Aug 2015
Emile Badenhorst
Aug 06 2015 18:26 UTC
things that need doing:
  • Finsh debugger pipe proticall
  • Add hal template ( is fully implmented hal os (just remove keybord driver))
  • start figuring out how to do break points
    thing that will be nice to have:
  • addin system
  • allow users to create templates easly(a tool we can use to maybe)
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Emile Badenhorst
Aug 06 2015 19:10 UTC
@ARMmaster17 I will go offline in nex t15 min and will only back at Saturday . but i will be on chat tommorw morning, the hole day
i just can't code till saturday
but will be in chat
but feel free to test and look for bugs, and report them. and please dont hezitate to do one of items in list above (if you do template just ask thay have a trick to them.)
Joshua Zenn
Aug 06 2015 21:56 UTC
What do you mean by addin system? Like extensions to the IDE?