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Aug 2016
Alexey Shytikov
Aug 26 2016 20:16
Hi again
I was thinking about performance recently...
I've implemented validation using NJsonSchema recently in one of my projects...
and it turns out that sometimes validation could take some time for large arrays of data...
I've checked the code and it seems to be library not using parallel processing anywhere
and the reason is portability, I guess
I was thinking to implement eat least simplest Parallel.ForEach instead of regular foreach, but it seems to be should be done wisely, right?
maybe some conditional compilation for different projects?
depending on targets
I was thinking to open a issue in the tracker
but just remember our nice conversation here
Alexey Shytikov
Aug 26 2016 20:22
so, maybe it would be possible to discuss it here?
I would glad to help (since my project will also benefit from that feature)
but definitely I would need some guidance, since I don't want to spoil your code with my vision how things should be done :)
would appreciate your answer :) when you'll have a time for it :)