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Feb 2017
Alistair Chapman
Feb 09 2017 06:25
@rsuter Should the NJsonSchema.CodeGeneration.CSharp NuGet package contain an actual NJsonSchema.CodeGeneration.CSharp assembly, because there isn't one and Visual Studio is complaining I'm missing an assembly reference.
I can see that assembly in the portable45-net45+win8+wp8+wpa81 TFM, but it's not in the netstandard TFM or in the portable-net45+win+wpa81+wp80+MonoAndroid10+MonoTouch10 TFM..
Rico Suter
Feb 09 2017 08:35
this is a bug in the NJS.CG.CSharp nuspec, will fix that... otherwise the migration should be simple (add some more nugets and change some namespaces)
Alistair Chapman
Feb 09 2017 12:52
Yeah, there's a lot of namespaces moving in here. Same as I mentioned in the NSwag room, is there any documentation of all the breaking changes as it takes quite a while for me to go through and find all the renamed methods, and the new namespaces, and which types have been moved into new packages, and newly Async-only methods etc..