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Repo info
    Sergiy Nikolayev
    Pushed https://github.com/NRules/NRules.Language/releases/v0.0.2 out with a fix to the fact join issue.
    This fixed my issue ... thanks !! Will work with you on ability to update context.
    Sergiy Nikolayev
    Version 0.0.5 is released (https://github.com/NRules/NRules.Language/releases/v0.0.5). It upgrades to NRules 0.9.0 and improves error handling.
    Têng Ûi
    If anyone wants to load different rule definitions, i suggest registering the rule repository individually in the DI container.
    (That is my workaround to do dynamic loading rule definitions.)
    Sergiy Nikolayev
    NRules.RuleSharp 0.0.6 is out. Release notes: https://github.com/NRules/NRules.Language/releases/v0.0.6