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Feb 2015
Jason Gresalfi
Feb 04 2015 16:50
npm install grunt grunt-contrib-clean grunt-contrib-connect grunt-contrib-copy grunt-contrib-jade grunt-contrib-watch grunt-sass load-grunt-tasks --save-dev
James Rico
Feb 04 2015 23:38
ill log the tricks that have helped me:
after having a hard time finding the classes in the gumby syntax, I deleted both the classes on the divs of $item and $itemContainer.
James Rico
Feb 04 2015 23:46
i tried taking a picture but it didnt help. basically it placed each item in a row as long as the picture could fit.
James Rico
Feb 04 2015 23:54
but resizing is an issue so I changed it back
Adedotun Olusoga
Feb 04 2015 23:57
I'm just getting home, I'll take a short breather then I'll look into it