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Repo info
    Jeffrey Vandenborne
    Hey guys, I had a question regarding the localedir you use in your metadata.json
    Christian Louis Gabriel METZLER
    What is your question ?
    Jeffrey Vandenborne
    Hi, I read through your repository while making my own extension. I noticed that if you don't change the default prefix of /usr/local to /usr, the translation doesn't work anymore
    I edited convenience.js to use localedir in metadata to fix this, thought you might be interested
    a link to my file: https://bitbucket.org/JeffreyVdb/gnome-shell-extension-mobile-vikings/src/37d00c1e2a9c158dad78595c4852dc90142a5b64/src/convenience.js?at=master
    Arlo James Barnes

    Hi. I am interested in mapping the locations nearest me; the repository yours is forked from, by Simon Legner, seems to suggest the data comes from public sources using something called a WOEID. I found the WOEID for my location [USNM0168], however I cannot find my location in a search using the Clock Preferences > Location utility. It also seems that, in the time since you forked it, the extensions no longer uses WOEIDs? And I am not even sure if this extension is what GNOME Shell uses for the location/date/weather in Fallback Mode, which I use.

    So I guess my question is, help?

    I need some help getting this running
    I think I installed it and picked the wrong things
    Alessandro Cabbia
    Can anyone tell me the gitter channel for GNOME/GSoC?
    Joshua Austill
    Hello everyone :) . I would like to start getting into writing some extensions for gnome, but the only tutorials I can find are way outdated at like 3.2. Do any of you have any good posts you know of about debugging patterns and library docs?