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Jul 2018
Sean Walsh
Jul 18 2018 08:52

Thanks, Felix - that's helped a lot.

I'm now hitting an issue within TopoJSON where a call to topoJsonWriter.Write(feature) gives a compile time error: Reference to type 'IFeature' claims it is defined in 'NetTopologySuite', but it could not be found.

If I replace that method call with the (method's) explicit code from the source TopoJSON project, I get the error Could not load type 'NetTopologySuite.Features.IAttributesTable' from assembly 'NetTopologySuite, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=f580a05016ebada1'. on the call to Serialize.

I appreciate this probably isn't the forum for posting this, though - should I move it to a Github issue?

Felix Obermaier
Jul 18 2018 10:52
NetTopologySuite.Features lives in a seperate package: You need to add
Sean Walsh
Jul 18 2018 11:04
I've got that package, thanks. I think the TopoJSON one is using an older version (1.15.pre32?) and things existed in different places then, so I was getting conflicts. I suspect TopoJSON is also a long way from finished (lots of NotImplementedExceptions)...
I'd love to contribute, but this seems a bit above my pay grade. I can't even get it to run!