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Repo info
    qq, does anyone know if priority overrules fifo or not? I was looking at the code and it appears that the priority value would only really matter when multiple jobs were scheduled for the exact same millisecond which seems odd
    sorry, to clarify, this is a dyno-queues question
    I also noticed some PRs that seem to be related (e.g. Netflix/dyno-queues#82) and was wondering if those were attempts to fix this issue
    Hi, can anyone please clarify if it is possible to set up dyno queues to use an (enterprise) Redis cluster directly instead of dynomite?
    I am looking for similar option as mentioned by @optimal-rhythm pls suggesst
    Hi, i have deployed dynomite as StatefulSet. The deployment is not persistent and am suffering data loss if pods are recreated. Has anyone tried deploying dynomite with persistent volume?
    I am trying to build a dynomite-manager to make it work in my own data center. I could not make it work. And the instructions are not clear its very confusing or not accurate information. Does anyone made it work Dynomite manager working in our own hosted environment instead of aws ?
    t-summer hae
    Hi , im facing problem in data rebalancing in redis -dynomite clustering.
    Basically i have 2 DC in 2 servers .if serverB goes down im able to set data to cluster using serverA redis nodes .when serverB redis nodes comes up ,im not able to get latest data using serverB nodes .any body can help me with this ? link : Netflix/dynomite#770
    hi is there any example for using dynomite-manager in other environments? how do i implement those interfaces to use dynomite-manager ? any example for that?
    Hi All,
    In my production am using dynomite for REDIS.
    When doing scan it is returning some keys, however when doing get of the key it is returning nil.
    Certain keys are getting value returned but for some keys it is returning empty.
    How can debug further?
    what is the vnode in the below documentation taken from https://github.com/Netflix/dynomite
    tokens: The token(s) owned by a node. Currently, we don't support vnode yet so this only works with one token for the time being.
    while compiling the project with Jedis and DynoClient Jedis. It is giving compilation error for Jedis client related class though the required jar file is present.
    Any suggestion for resolving the compilation issue.
    I am using JAVA8, JEDIS and MAVEN
    Pl. let me know any other information required.

    After checking dependencies for dyno-client, changed the jedis version from 2.9.1 to 3.0.1 in my project.
    After that, it started compiling with out any errors.

    Thanks for reading.

    Hi all, How to set redis password in dynomite conf?
    Jelmer Kuperus
    Hi i am looking at dynomite and it seems great but my main concern seems to be that the project does not look very active and you ca't find many resources online about it
    can someone elaborate on the status of the project? is it still used by netflix etc ?
    Sailesh Mukil
    Hi, the project is still active. There will be more active development on it continuing soon. For now, there are some bandwidth issues on being able to reply to all OSS questions, we're hoping the community will be able to fill in here. But we're having one more developer join soon and keep the project more active.
    Jelmer Kuperus
    At what kind of scale is this project being used ?
    Is this a small operation within the netflix org or is it pretty core
    Sailesh Mukil
    While I'm unable to share any numbers, it has significant usage within the org and is quite stable as a distributed HA cache.
    Jelmer Kuperus
    and as a primary storage solution?
    i am looking at it as a cassandra replacement for relatively small read heavy workloads
    as cassandra tens to be "operationally complex"
    Sailesh Mukil
    @jelmerk Certain use-cases can use it as a primary datastore depending on the guarantees required. You can vet it based on the guarantees mentioned in the wiki here:
    Has anyone used this successfully in a Ubuntu environment?
    Ubuntu 20 in particular
    I'm encountering the issue described here Netflix/dynomite#456
    No idea how to proceed but I need to proceed
    Any help?
    why dynomite do not release after 2019?
    Marie Diana Tran
    interesting question, no answer so far ?
    Jelmer Kuperus
    I guess the implied question is is the project still alive
    Liem Le Hoang Duc
    Tbh, dont get why most of redis cluster solutions stop developing/releasing new version. Cordis, Dynomite, etc...
    Jelmer Kuperus
    I’d love to use dynomite but its hard to recommend right now with so little adoption and activity
    “Nobody gets fired for picking redis enterprise”
    Marie Diana Tran
    It seems like antirez initiated redis clusters but since he "kind of" retired from Redis, I am not sure this would really move forward at least for the open source project.
    Redis Entreprise seems to market itself as the way to scale Redis but it is so expensive and the pricing for Redis Enterprise Software is way too weird (per database shard) ...
    It is also quite painful to maintain & deploy Redis Cluster day to day (node lost connection issue/ sharding issue after rejoin etc.).
    The cheap way would be to use a proxy solution for Redis like Twitter/twemproxy but the project is quite dead, since the author left Twitter for starting an AI company that got bought by Etsy.
    Plus, Twitter is now using Pelikan project and still struggling with reusing twemproxy.
    Hopefully, Dynomite is reusing some part of Twemproxy and continuing the developing. So please continue the good work !
    Ioannis Papapanagiotou
    FWIW, we still run Dynomite in production (the same as in the OSS repository) and it is in a pretty stable situation for us. We will continue using it as we see bugs we will fix them. In that sense, we have not stopped developing or releasing Dynomite, to some extent, it is just stable for our use cases. We would love for the community to pick up some steam and start developing features that they need. For more context, @smukil mentioned above that there are bandwidth issues in anwering the OSS questions.
    @Marie-Diana yes Dynomite has used the baseline Twemproxy as a proxy but has extended it to become a separate project that does active-active.
    Marie Diana Tran
    Anyone has feedbacks regarding a production deployment of dynomite on GKE ?
    Marie Diana Tran
    Anyone experiences restarting issue when using dynomite ?
    We tried running 10 dynomite instances on te same datacenter and rack (node resource 6 Go with 2 vCPU) with 20k QPS but the dynomite pod keep restarting after reaching the max queue
    Hi all. We are trying to setup dynomite to run in a docker-swarm. We notice that initial node restart few times because it feels like the DNS inside docker is some kind of slow to publish name resolution thus the dn_resolve at https://github.com/Netflix/dynomite/blob/0713e43618f74fe6fb21226287fcb3ec618bc2d3/src/dyn_util.c#L427 fails and we get the following log:
    [2020-10-28 10:06:45.542] conf_handler:1228 conf: directive "dyn_seeds" has an invalid value
    would it be possible to make this dns probe a bit more resilient by adding some kind of configurable retry logic?
    Second question .. in those cases the dynomite crashes with a segfault with the following stacktrace
    [2020-10-28 10:06:45.543] dn_stacktrace:286 [0] /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libpthread.so.0(+0x10330) [0x7fc039b52330]
    [2020-10-28 10:06:45.548] dn_stacktrace:286 [1] src/dynomite(string_deinit+0x10) [0x439b19]
    [2020-10-28 10:06:45.555] dn_stacktrace:286 [2] src/dynomite() [0x40ee03]
    [2020-10-28 10:06:45.562] dn_stacktrace:286 [3] src/dynomite() [0x40f4c9]
    [2020-10-28 10:06:45.568] dn_stacktrace:286 [4] src/dynomite(conf_destroy+0x4e) [0x413b2f]
    [2020-10-28 10:06:45.575] dn_stacktrace:286 [5] src/dynomite(conf_create+0xde) [0x413ada]
    [2020-10-28 10:06:45.584] dn_stacktrace:286 [6] src/dynomite() [0x416eea]
    [2020-10-28 10:06:45.591] dn_stacktrace:286 [7] src/dynomite(core_start+0x22) [0x41702e]
    [2020-10-28 10:06:45.597] dn_stacktrace:286 [8] src/dynomite() [0x441d75]
    [2020-10-28 10:06:45.604] dn_stacktrace:286 [9] src/dynomite(main+0x137) [0x441f78]
    [2020-10-28 10:06:45.611] dn_stacktrace:286 [10] /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6(__libc_start_main+0xf5) [0x7fc039494f45]
    [2020-10-28 10:06:45.615] dn_stacktrace:286 [11] src/dynomite() [0x40a039]
    [2020-10-28 10:06:45.622] signal_handler:123 signal 11 (SIGSEGV) received, core dumping