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Apr 2016
Juan Blanco
Apr 15 2016 09:46
@TrekDev bob summerfield mentioned your .net client version, I have seen that you have made good progress but there are lots of features missing and mostly dupplication, would you not be more interested in contributing to Nethereum instead ? as always the more the better. I like that you have copy and pasted the Keccak to reduce the nuget dependencies, I assume that is stable enough the algorithm and there is no licences issues as MIT.
on another note I have seen you have started the IPFS for .net which is awesome as I was planning to do the same, when I have time Ill have a good look and see if I can pull an example of integrating with Nethereum.. you might see some pull requests there
Jeremy Ellis
Apr 15 2016 13:14
Hi @juanfranblanco! My project was only supposed to be one or two functions I needed for a work project but I just kept adding to it, lol. I saw your project a few weeks ago, and recently tried it out and realised mine was obsolete. I'll probably keep it up put replace the README with a link to your project. I'll be happy to contribute to Nethereum if I can find anything useful to add :)
As for the ipfs project thanks. I've been meaning to put some more time into it. I'll be sure to keep a look out for your pull requests :)
Juan Blanco
Apr 15 2016 13:43
Thanks, I bet you find lots of good stuff to add ! :).. I will try my best to contribute to IPFS.. @/all find it here
Bob Summerwill
Apr 15 2016 18:22
Ooh! I was just guessing that this Gitter existed, @juanfranblanco.
Good to know :-)