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Apr 2016
Apr 22 2016 13:34
@juanfranblanco do you have plans to make your vs code plugin compile the code continuously and also display the errors inline?
I think we could even go so far as to provide some contextual information and context-sensitive completion
Juan Blanco
Apr 22 2016 13:35
errors are inline now.. but at the moment only for 1 file
but yes.. the plan was to continuosly run the compiler on text change, same as you do online
for autocomplete
I was thinking of:
compile all the references / or files in workspace
extract the abis
and used them for autocompletion
Apr 22 2016 13:39
but then you won't have autocompletion for local variables :-)
my idea was to output the abi in json format (which is already possible) and just tweak that a little
of course the big challenge is to make that work even if we have parser errors
Juan Blanco
Apr 22 2016 13:41
ok, so for the working document, continuosly compile, show errors, and output the abi (even if with errors)
and if abi can be extracted for other working documents, which might also have errors, even better
i am using solc for compilation, but at the moment just outputs 1 error (which is good enough) are you planning or is it even possible to display other errors?

Debugging: What level of debugging are you planning to do ? That blows my mind
Apr 22 2016 13:45
hm, ok, so multiple errors should work. most of the time, an error is so bad that it does not make a lot of sense to continue compiling
for debugging: We will soon have an announcement
Juan Blanco
Apr 22 2016 13:47
Lol that shows you how silly I am (multiple errors)
awesome.. (on debugging)
on that note do you have any multiple file import pattern?
that you use already?
I was planning to use something similar to dapple
Apr 22 2016 17:31
the compiler should do the importing
you can provide a callback that is called with missing file paths
if you cannot answer that callback synchronously, you can store the requests for another compilation run
Bob Summerwill
Apr 22 2016 18:14
@juanfranblanco @chriseth ^^^ I am loving this discussion, gents :-)