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Apr 2016
Juan Blanco
Apr 24 2016 06:50
(finishing the sentence)... so if you copy a set of contracts which are structured as a "module", all of them will need to be part of root
and / or following a path structure that can be resolved from root
all compilation will be done for active text
so dirty files
Juan Blanco
Apr 24 2016 06:56
and I am using the "online solidity compiler" as you can easily interact with it within a node module
Juan Blanco
Apr 24 2016 17:57
the approach taken for path / name conflicts is:
abi and bin are output to the same folder structure on the main "bin" folder
file names are the contract names / not the original file name, so if you have many contracts on the same file there are no conflicts
there will conflicts if you have the same contract names in different files
those will be overwritten
on compilation it will compile everything, so if you have modules / etc, those will be compiled too

on another note this is an example of using Edge.js with the browserify version of evm (js) to interact with the vm