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Jul 2016
Andres G. Aragoneses
Jul 26 2016 02:44
have any of you guys tried NEthereum with Parity?
from a quick test it doesn't seem to work
(oh, just reading the backlog and it seems you guys were already talking about it; are the parity fixes in the latest-version released on nuget or do I need to compile from master?)
Jul 26 2016 02:59
@kn have you tried running parity in "geth" compatibility mode instead?
Andres G. Aragoneses
Jul 26 2016 03:02
yes, with the --geth flag, right?
Jul 26 2016 03:46
the --geth flag wont fix the errors, but the latest commits WILL fix them
i'm using it with Parity as we speak and its all working well.. I don't think the nuget has been updated.. but I haven't checked closely
@juanfranblanco did you see the RpcClient has been updated to support Content-Type now
Juan Blanco
Jul 26 2016 06:12
Yes i have seen it, they have been also extremelly kind and created both a portable and fixed other issues as suggested. I'll test them and release, currently working on the RPL for signing TX offline. Give me a day :)
Jul 26 2016 10:37

stumbled across another little problem with Parity and Nethereum..
The following call fails on Parity because the data field does not begin with 0x


Change it to


and it works

Jul 26 2016 15:29
Thought I'd say hi! I'm working on a project using Nethereum to make a game in unity. Not super straightforward yet - since unity uses an old version of Mono I'm going to have to backport.
Anyway, I'll let you know how it goes and may be in here with some weird questions at some point :)
Juan Blanco
Jul 26 2016 19:12
@slothbag thanks! @ana0 awesome looking forward to it