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Aug 2016
James Sangalli
Aug 24 2016 23:34 UTC
Hi Guys,
Great library!
I do have a question however, I am able to call functions using sendTransaction but I am still unaware of how to add value to the transaction and set gas. Let's say I want to add ether to the function call using send transaction, how do I add ether to the transaction?
example (this is a function to burn ether through my contract):
    var proofOfBurn = Reputation.GetFunction("burnCoins");
    var result = await proofOfBurn.SendTransactionAsync(ethAddrTextBox.Text);
how do I add ether? is it even possible yet with this library? Thanks!
Aug 24 2016 23:49 UTC
There is a way to do it I thought, method overloads?