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Dec 2016
Sid Krishna
Dec 03 2016 01:12
I was able to get nethereum working with .net 4.5.2 without issue. Had to import the entire .Nethereum.Portable package as just RPC did not work. Web3.Web3 was not defined with just Nethereum.RPC and I only need to communicate over RPC. Just FYI.
Juan Blanco
Dec 03 2016 15:19
Nethereum.Web3 is a top layer on RPC
that simplifies the access (specially for smart contracts).
I have kept the Portable for that reason, there are still issues with netstandard and portable libraries, cannot be imported. Portable is a mirror of all the projects
@sidkri ^^
note the issues on netstandard is not nethereum... it is the netstandard.. there is currently an issue being worked out. It has been a very bumpy road til now
Juan Blanco
Dec 03 2016 15:26
but they are nearly there :)..